Bridges to the Past Between the Rivers road leading to event camp looking out of camp view of valley view into camp people unloading another view of the camp a stream between camp areas the stream friction starting the main fire main area advertising and trade my table other blankets basketry basket start process book class book press ditto Carson Brown's bow class bow featured on a magazine cover same bow and note ends nice benches camps on other side of the stream trade goods Farneman bow drill class excellent class proper placement of bow string knapping tarp concentration reward knapping tarp interesting percussion tool debitage Jim Gnapp need I say more about that tool they set up a great tent for the museum set up inside three rows of tables Kirby Records playing around the central fire I drummed with Kirby many times roasting ceramic class clay in transition it grows towards maturity it reaches full form proud potter hide tanning to keep warm near the fire stretching exersize my soapstone carving class sanding interior water sanding 400 to 1200 grit color appearing in wet soapstone bottom carnuba waxing brings out the colors bottom chiseling with modified screwdrivers basic design the chisel edged screwdriver tool one of the many rain storms looking the other way atlatl and bow range darts on the move more darts Jim throwing Jim's form darts in the air Jim giving advice good photo of a flexing dart Jim's follow through starting a huge trencher bottom side almost finished and lots of kindling

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