Rabbitstick 2017

30th year camp packed in 520 plus students and 120 plus instructors me and Goode camp Dave Wescott Dave Wescott advertising classes same first morning idea of size knapping jelly starting instruction setting platform talking about angles showing strike showing placement follow through Ron Macy next door my soapstone class carving deep interesting shape another view using screwdriver chisel he wanted the broken edge as design tool pile building iron smelter buiulding cabin sauna river rats finished soapstone project pointless projectile point Goode and Italian woman hides for sale Harri Heath paddle carving class paddle start Teresa knapping style nothing like exposure while knapping sharp things iron smelter starting will run all night cabin process smelter at night my nw coast halibut carving class my process models showing how to carve knife came with class how to use thumb brace Cody Lundin gourd canteen class same brain tanning class Ray came to entertain hook class the instrument he was using carving a channel in upper section Goode had a bullboat class setting willow size set weaving sides cabin sauna working on bottom curve Goode supervising in the shade with my umbrella contents of iron furnace grabbing the soaked cow hide over the frame attaching to frame lunch with Bob best feed ever my plate sample of goodies sated cabin with roof over Macy camp min-bullboat drying Kidder basket class just an OK shot against sky Farnaman class hide lacing leather shoes one of many camps Macy store dart class shillelagh pile another bullboat road into tin teepee area Tracy Wilson store Tracy fire class great itesm for sale fish at main fire pottery class basket class process closeer photo pond Goode knapping bags Goode knapping tried to catch this material could not show actual appearance interior of sauna under construction lower area caulking the river my had washing station music around the fire Goode playing his guitar pottery drying liked this one Goode playing in sauna entrance having a giggle some of my pigments on a test bowl true river rat but blind and ill paddle temp 1301 temp of fire 1607 Kinsella class jaw sickle knapping tools kits pottery out of fire from other side the best one the test stripes another view other side wind caused me to tie to trailer my class advertisement instructor photo

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