Rabbitstick 2011

Beaver Dick sign View of camp View of camp Terry Kramer items Joe Dabill items Trade blanket Trade blanket Richy Bello Lynx crew out of the woods Looking worn out Size of packs Talking to everyone Unpacking Kiliii Yu Unpacked Kiliii Yu Kiliii Kiliii & son Same Same Registration Requirements Sharon working on a bead Sharon bead Cody working on beads Miniatures Projectile point Goode method Elephant Hunter sign Jason Deech Lost River sign Goodale cutoff sign Goodale pond Goodale pond Same Micro-drill class Micro-drill Mad Max Spoons Robin & Goode Trade blankets Instructors Joe Dabill Bob Kitch Norm Kidder Norm Kidder Tipi against sky Same Monuments Larry Kinsella Larry Kinsella Knapping Heat treating Larry Kinsella Larry Kinsella Larry Heat treating Heat treating More Heat treating Heat treating Richy Bello Horse arrives Refreshing water Knapping Knapping Monuments Tug of war Same Same Knapping Knapping Cody gourd class Cody Scrubbing gourds Mud scrub Mud scrub Mud scrub Ocarina Ocarina Ocarina Pottery class Ceramics Unknown material Other side Water polo Water polo Carol pecking Spinning Spoon class Cody match class RV park RV park Rainbow Lake Rainbow Lake RV park Announcements Drying pottery Goode making cores Kate Big firing Delmar Big bust Broken pots Pots Broken pottery Goode class for children Jeff Damm Lynx Vilden Photshoot Cat Dean Killian Kate Kevin soapstone Moroni project Same Same Sharon project Same Sharon Sharon Soapstone class Zach project Same

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