Paestum 2013

Roman walled town tower entrance from train station only fully walled Roman town in existence anfiteatro amphitheater templo di Cerere 500 BC 600 BC Greek town of Poseidonia the sanctuary Heraion for Hera was famous all over the Greek world construction attributed to Jason and his Argonauts three Doric temples in this trade center conquered by the Lucans about 400 BC Rome controled town after 273 BC as a Latin colony and named Paestum flourished in late empire part of the Grand Tour drain for temple the temple was built on a three step platform with six by thirteen Doric columns road south through town iron fastener between blocks Greek tomb of the diver main north to south road detoured around this tomb Romans built a wall around the tomb part of wall iron fastener between blocks grass growing over excavated areas main south road entry into housing block house portico remnants mosaic floors doorway forum area sub floor temple of Neptune and Hera housing blocks mosaic floors kitchen impluvium temples of Neptune and Hera behind Roman road inscription block temple of Neptune and Hera best preserved interior now believed not Neptune but Hera and Zeus Carole temple of Hera 550 BC one of oldest Greek temples still standing used as an allied hospital in WWII amphitheater ekklesiaterion or Greek meeting place tomb of diver fresco only Greek tomb fresco in Italy death as a passage diving into immortality Goode and Carole photos follow tourist area hotels and shops

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