Maryland 1977-78

My office in Maryland from 1977-78 Kent County survey tracts from a statewide sampling project Chronology chart I made back then Number of recorded sites by county in 1977 Rose Haven National Register nomination Rose Haven area 18-AN-279 Rose Haven grid 18AN279 Rose Haven excavation units 18AN279 Distribution of pottery 18AN279 Distribution of rhyolite flakes 18AN279 Rose Haven crew, Tyler Bastian as P.I. on left Volunteer crew in field Vehicles and lots of ticks in the corn field Dig truck My kids and a friend staying out of the sun Rick, Janelle Nord, David and Debbie Testing Tripod screening Screening Shell lens Burned shell deposit Test unit in shell midden View of plowed field Plow zone and shell midden mix above clay soil Trench into sterile soil Unit in shell midden Unit showing amount of shell at surface Wall full of shell Shell midden zone in profile Another unit and note pile of screened shell on right Another unit Another unit Burned tree looking like a possible feature Burned tree remnants of historic swidden agriculture Burned tree from historic tobacco fields Burned tree from slash and burns in 1700's Burned tree Tylor Bastian (State Archaeologist) taking photos Tylor Bastian taking photos An excavation crew Another excavation crew Joseph M. McNamara Shell lens Lois Brown backfilling Lois Brown backfilling Backfilling pits Screen full of shell Screen full of shell Tripod screening Midden plow zone over clay subsoil

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