Kaminaljuyú 1970

Kaminaljuyú acropolis with roofed excavations in distance Acropolis at Kaminaljuyú Squatters on Kaminaljuyú Another view of the acropolis Volcano named Fuego in distance Entrance to a tomb Temples under the covered roof Temple façade under the roof Drain at a later level Burial by candlelight as flash prohibited Dug by Gustavo The plaster is almost luminous in full light Tablud and tablero construction at Kaminaljuyú Palangana tomb with stela fill Palangana temple Drains in the courtyard Plastic over current excavations Another photo of the excavation trench Storage shed for dig equipment Plaza floors Encroachment onto Kaminaljuyú Guatemala City visible in the distance Excavations in palangana Pile of human feces across from a tienda Test unit behind the feces Test unit on ceramic and carved stone offering Four stone items recovered from the pit Ceramics in the pit Stone items in-situ Test unit 46-33-049 obsidian blades Obsidian blades were major trade item at Kaminaljuyú Inocente Velásquez was a longtime digger Test pit at Roosevelt Hospital Test pit with piadrine wall Test pits at Hospital Ceramics at base of pit Offering pit at Roosevelt Hospital Inocente worked for archaeologists for many years Inocente Israel digging the deep pit Two ten foot ladders tied together Deep pit hitting arroyo side 35-III-10 José another longtime worker with archaeologists Masks recoverd from Pre-Classic temple Area tested near school Schoolyard using mound as playground More localities for test units View of houses surrounding a mound Rotating view from the mound Continuation of view Same mound surrounded by houses Another mound surrounded by structures Acropolis again at Kaminaljuyú Panoramic view of central area of Kaminaljuyú Continued Continued Continued Houses built into temples Houses built around mounds Schoolyard Mound C-V-6 Another view of the palangana This rich earth was full of artifacts kids were looting More encroachment at Kaminaljuyú Encroachment at Kaminaljuyú Encroachment at Kaminaljuyú

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