Guys 2016-17

steel bottle covered with raw hide drying bottles drying hazelnuts as well cutting rawhide for bottles Dale and Bob glass with rawhide other methods what next? Goode showing how to make a knot complicated all the bottles Dale decorating one more examples final one bottles galore Dale production line Goode paint box deer arrived and butchered in breezeway large buck Bob using his atlatl through a milk jug barnacled monster we all made bear hats hats and things made in 2017 2017 goodies hats sharpening slate items from Terry I did a bit of dry pigment starts Kramer slate start of Wescott drawings Terry and Dale Goode and Terry Dale mking leather bottle Wes making soapstone dice sanding dice pairadice leather bottle halves Goode showing his springpole off a peg workbench closeup of slate blade slate ulu Dale checking out a knife bamboo sheath finished blade making a mess Dale the seamstress a Goode goody gourd with stopper how it fits allen wrench heating for knife good use for a wood stove anvil ready for the red hot wrench Wes heating it up with blow pipe blacksmithing the blade Wes hard at work my steel bottle in wet rawhide Mike wrapping his bottle the allen wrench blade after some sharpening working on the sheath a bit of strightening filling leather bottle with gravel Mike bottle method hammering leather over round object effect of process leather bottle drying above stove heating allen wrench tang Goode neck knives tools for the knives two blades sawn elk ribs and ancient ivory slate point for harpoon a flat based leather bottle cutting bamboo polishing ivory for scriming another leather bottle slate point for my harpoon sanding slate points my point on way other side Wes doing scrimshaw used a pin set in wood Goode harpoon other side Wes finished work great work bottle full of graver and drying making the harpoon base mine with slate blade the finished wrench knives and the die that made it through different view packing up moose antler atlatl Goode close up of atlatl weekend acomplishments mess we made studio stuff Terry Bob Goode and Mike bamboo container and stopper same bamboo tweezers me making cordage 2016 weekend horn container pins hold top in place opened to see top Bob working horn Mike scraping horn sanding cutting cups samples of horn work Bob hard at work Terry not hard at work getting the base measurements right setting in wood bowl soaking using a eggbeater drill drilling horn for base or top same setting copper pin Bob Goode and Dale Kramer work his carving different view small horn container Bob at work horn pepper shaker older Goode knife out of sheath Kramer Dale and horn container container filled with charcoal dust to define inner edge bear fur hat sewing fur punching holes Goode in hat monster from the ocean tidal zone me and Goode in hats Goode in new hat working on hats carving a bamboo spork same making sawdust and wax fire starters heating bamboo to bend Goode carving finished Kramer brough his halibut hook painted up items finsihed in 2016 same same horn items same handle spindle drill in operation same finihing bamboo same bamboo knife Aaron misc items knife spatula

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