Echoes 2012

Class board Basket class Amy and Shine Open work Materials Basket spider Frame and hide Bison hide for bullboat Bullboat Bison hide Boat drying Same Testing in slough It did work Bowyers Chris with bow Showing her work Dale testing for mask night Dan Klug Darts Darts Dyes Examples Felting Felting Fire Fire charges cell phone Simple camp stove Same Camp life Gourd class Tanning Fleshing Wringing Same Same Checking hides Proud projects Mike and Jason and Dale Family reunion Jason Jim Jim after kids got him Same Out of the pool Goode knapping Knapping class Richy Bello Terry Kramer knife class Her knife Finished knife Kramer carving class Indian head carving Same same Kramer and his wife Kiko making a spring-pole lathe Same Testing it Same My fat lamp same Ron Macy Checking out mask Nicole Pottery Dennis blacksmith class Making welded axe heads Same Proud maker Starting soapstone Triangular project Circular project Working the interior Scribing the pattern Starting the interior Cutting deeper Same Working a center Ready for sanding Scraping Yoshimi pattern Further along Yoshimi ready for sanding Sanded Deery project Water sanded Oiled Filled with wax Finished lamp Kids Trade blanket Kids trade blanket Bird trap Same Trap set Jump to next 3 and back Trap ready Trap closed Fiddle for funds Chris, Carol and Wendy on mask night Wendy on drums Quite the machine Yoshimi project Bottom Nice work Yoshimi Tomono

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