Dakotas 1965

Telegram about job with Smithsonian Missouri Basin Project 39ST24 house at Cattle Oiler site in 1965, South Dakota 2nd component floor Fort George Village 39ST17 area Downriver from 39ST224 Cattle Oiler 2nd component floor SE area Cache pit in SW area and artifacts Cache pit and post holes Skull and jaw of child in NW cache pit Close up of human remains Artifacts from cache pit Dan Moerman excavating burial 39ST224, Feature 3, Burial 1 Reservoir water flooding area Fort George Village round house 39ST17 and rectangular house 1st house 2nd component floor and note upper component post holes and post Ft. George Village 35ST17 I am standing in high grass of erosion bisected house near 35ST224 Erosion near 35ST224 Village from hill, dark vegetation reveals housepits Area from hill overlooking 35ST224, cattle oil device just visible above trees on left Other site in distance, there is a crew working there 39ST224 2nd house east side and note wood posts in the post holes 39ST224 2nd house west side, the large stone in-situ 39ST224 3rd house roof beams Rainstorm over Sommers site 39ST56, Stanley county South Dakota 3rd house with 2nd house behind Shell pendant from 3rd house 3rd house excavated to floor level with nice wall posts 2nd house view to south with Jake Hoffman measuring 32ST17 the Ben Standing Soldier site, North Dakota 2nd house being measured 1st house with view to south House cut by railroad bed in profile trench Jake Hoffman and Dick Annand at site 2nd house cache pits 2nd house fully excavated Kitchen midden near 2nd house Kitchen midden artifacts 2nd house with dog burial in kitchen midden Another view of excavated 2nd house at Ben Standing Soldier with dog burial excavation Dog burial in the kitchen midden 2nd house 32ST7, Feature 40 near 150 foot trench 150 foot trench beginning with units 150 foot trench halfway Completed 150 foot trench cut through two houses and two fire pits Shermer Site 1st house Shermer Site 2nd house Shermer Site 1st house Shermer site from hill overlook Fort Rice from tower Oahe dam from jet Downriver from dam from jet Mount Rushmore Monument in 1965 from jet

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