Caving 1963-85

Fog near Gandy Mtn, Utah Crystal Ball Cave fog Main room with a bounce flash Main room camera mounted flash Brent Earl with bounced flash Same photo with camera mounted flash Main room Crystal Ball cave Large stalagmite Crystal Ball Stalactites with bounce flash Stalactites with helmet carbide lamps Claron Bjork in tunnel by flash Claron Bjork by carbide lamp at same location Flashlights held against wall crystals Cave blisters Crystal blastula by camera flash Crystal blastula by carbide lamp Formation like a cartoon character Blastula showing crystal structure Bat hanging from crystals Blacklight of wall Car below Antelope Springs Cave, Utah Stan Moulton at cave entrance Earl Hansen at entrance pit Earl dropping past wire fence "ladder" Log at "bottle neck" Antelope Springs 73 foot deep entrance pit Earl & Johnny Peterson coming down Me Earl and Johnny at bottom John in the Devil's Den Upper section Antelope Springs Big John Antelope Springs Stan taking a picture of me taking a picture of him Stan continues down Looking up Upper Area flow stone Eroded formations Stalactites over eroded formations Drip stone on walls Big John in Devil's Den Soda Straws Antelope Springs Me behind soda straws Going up Me going into upper passage Hole-in-Top End of cave put camera through a small hole Big Brush Creek Cave, Utah and getting ready Preparation for this huge cave Earl's car above entrance Looking over the cliff at entrance Look for the tiny person with headlamp lit for scale Looking out entrance Entrance Big Brush Creek Cave Ice in 1959 Ice in 1960 after winter river impact Ice 1962 Ice 1962 eroded by warm weather Ice crystals an inch wide on walls Entrance room fog from the body of the person (lamp lit) in the distance Claron and Pat and Stan in breakdown Lake River Pit Lunch and dirt and grime of caving Neffs Cave entrance, When it was first measured, Neffs cave was the deepest known cave in the United States, and currently is the 13th deepest at 1,163 feet, Utah Neffs first pit with waist high pile of ladders and ropes Rope ladder for first drop in Neffs Bitch pitch Wall traverse to ladders Main pit and a place to rest Alexis bridging above main pit Coming down Goodrows pit drop off with steel cable ladder Goodrows pit Bottom of Goodrows, if you can call it a bottom Bottom and water Signing the register at the bottom of Neffs White Rocks Cave, Utah Ringing the drapery in White Rocks Rear column in White Rocks Drapery Tight squeeze Helectites in Crystal Ball RARE rams-horn helectites Porcupine Cave, Utah, rare spathite associated with aragonitic soda straws Coon Cave, Utah Joe Bossi in Coon Cave Sheeprock Cave, Utah Chris and Jeff and Dennis in Sheeprock Boo on big room mud wall Mud wall Oak City Cave, Utah Shelves in Oak City Gypsum Flower found on cave floor Nutty Putty Cave, Utah, an ancient geyser Model Cave, Nevada Model Cave cold and wet named for modern sculpted busts in clay located deep inside Model Cave after caving Pictograph Cave, Utah Emily Mine Cave, Utah, helectites Popcorn in Emily Helectites in Emily The "boot" in Emily More helectites The "claw" in Emily Helectites Anthrodites in Emily More anthrodites White Rocks Cave, Utah White Rocks cave coral Stalactites Leahman Cave, Utah Leahman helectites More helectites Leahman Cave Cave curtains with a person laying down behind, where is Waldo? Logan Cave, Utah, double entrance for two caves Logan Cave as the smiling guy takes one of our lamps Logan Cave anthrodites More anthrodites Anthrodites Anthrhodites Tony Grove Pit, Utah with Stan in snow Crystal Cave, Utah, looking up Boyd Lava Tube, Oregon, entrance Boyd Lava Tube Boyd staircase Skeleton Lava Tube, Oregon Boyd entrance Boyd by carbide lamp Boyd Tube Boyd tube Boyd skylight Skeleton Lava Tube Skeleton entrance David and Rick at entrance Kids by skylight Wind Lava Tube, Oregon Rick and David at entrance Wind entrance Dark Hole in Wind Skylight in Wind Entrance David in shaft of light Skylight way up Arnold Ice Lava Tube, Oregon Collapsed Pond Number 2, Oregon Collapsed Pond Lava Tube, Oregon Barlow Lava Tube, Oregon Pictograph Lava Tube, Oregon Entrance to Pictograph Rock Art in Pictograph Pictograph Tube More red painted rock art Pictographs Pictographs Pictographs Pictographs Inside Pictograph Lava Tube Gas Light Lava Tube, Oregon Derrick Lava Tube, Oregon Skylight in Derrick Another skylight Another skylight Jackman Cave, Washington Entrance to Jackman Jackman Cave Jackman Cave Jackman Cave Jackman Cave That Crack Cave, Washington Reindeer Cave, Washington Cave What Cave, Washington Ramsey Cave, Washington entrance buried in debris Windy Cave, Washington Windy Cave Windy Cave Resurgence Cave, Washington Resurgence Cave Dock Butte Karst pond, Washington South Ice Lava Tube, Oregon South Ice Lava Tube South Ice Lava Tube South Ice Lava Tube

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