Buckeye 2010

Buckeye Moon event Circular dance structure Central fire pit and benches Cordage class Loom class Cordage class Spindle fire drill class Spindle drill Getting some smoke Coal almost ready Leg rolling cordage Sarah and Martina Matzar's back-strap weaving class Norm Kidder's flute class Guatemalan Mayan back-strap loom Kidder's bone whistle class Bow making group Working on a rabbit stick Rabbit stick class Bow drill start Full draw on bow Gourd bowl class Cutting a gourd Leather bag class Tule knife sheath class Starting to make tule sheath Frame drum class Frame drum class Scraping agave for fiber Norm Kidder's display Kidder's reproduction artifacts Bark house to be used by tribes Interior of bark house Spoon made from stone and bone tools Bone wedge for splitting out spoon Bone wedge used as chisel Shaving off wood Using the wedge or chisel Working in both direction Shark tooth plane stone scraper plane Sample spoon made from simple tools Tools on working log Fishing gig and leister Close up of wraps Close up of tips Close up of base Fish hooks Skinning tool Tree grove for second fire pit area Heating pottery to reduce moisture Fire circle heating pottery Warming before firing Emergency bark shelter Shelter entrance Kidder's fish net class Jason Hawk's knives Olaf checking out knives Bartering Tribal dance started with purification ceremony Starting dance Dancer Young learning traditional dance Traditional headpiece Flicker feather headpiece

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