BTR 2017

staff photo obverse staff my camp Naro art ling tent before people arrive Kirby Records playing guitar Nina Nyholm in my halibut hook class Jeff Blend Michelle Allen Tristin and Shannen Otter finished hook finished hook finished hook close up me messing with a camera tree shading my camp Missy with a bag Goode her bag Goode with boar rawhide knapping bag Missy work Goode showing fancy box latch Bob camp Records teepee same Kirby Records and Goode hides for sale seeds knapping obsidian chert teaching basics knapping Jim Gnapp same weapon range things I had made my kitchen main shelter same cliff above BTR camps starting to fill in kids on hill down range Bob Kitch and Antler Mike Bob Kitch Jim Knapp his new bead atlatl upper area Jim Gnapp Ray singing his class Ray Ray and Shirley making tube bow checking smoke on camp morning cook tent Harri Heath wife with bow other ide of bow my beaded bag with morse code base line mountain sheep spirit power Ray Jacobs at my camp Ray and Kenny Furer Ray leather gang wilderbabe and babe future event leader event sign photo op hidesfor sale soapstone class tools pack basket class same finsihed baskets showing off work same same joy having fun knapping Harri Heath paddle class paddle carving Deller checking thngs out Tom Prang under main skylodge Deller family working hides out of the rain hands pulling hide Jim with sharp thing new plaything highlands games tossing logs in air my new and old tool display my things for sale skylodge Tom Prang Tom Prand sale items rope pull same same typical day instructors reversed same primitive women having fun quite the group Patrick toss enjoying this cold day at the fire kids learning rope pull the street for porta-potties Jeff Blend soapstone Kenny Furer on soapstone things I made Shannan Otter Kenny he made two oil lamps Ray singing at my camp again lamp Kenny with both lamps lamp lamp lamp both together soapstone under skylodge Chloey Davis carving Chloey Davis making lots of dust me polishing one talkin about soapstone me at trade blanket

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