Populonia 2013

earthwatch project apartment where we lived in Populonia drying clothes our apartment crew at lunch lunch town typical train service tombs near dig at Necropoli Etrusca di San Serbone excavation area on left excavations project was in Tuscany on the gulf of Baratti Etruscan town was on top of hill in distance Gulf of Barati Hilltop town zoom onto town sarcophagus entering an excavated tumulus dead were laid in stone beds stone bedstead entry tunnel open to air wall detail the large tumulus tomb drip line with water splash to stop erosion tomb edge stone work tomb of the chariot the park musuem drip line masonry note the irregular blocks other smaller tumuli earth cover removed for tourist views entry tunnel another tumulus really nice masonry entering entry tunnel corbel vault stone work lintel shrine tomb single burial tumulus nitch in tomb Dr Stefano Genovesi talking about tombs some are in bad shape small tumuli later period sarcophagi later style temple tomb in background tempe style tomb the excavations ceramics iron works eroding into bay iron production Etruscan Greek and Roman here removing slag deposits shows how close to the tombs Caroline from Guam Goode Jones Children on school tours Linda School kids taking pictures of us bronze ladel washing pottery thick are amphora or roof tiles Dick Pretty much the town part of Populonia black ware taking dirt to backdirt pile Goode Linda and Carole sorting sherds populonia our apartments escargo perhaps a rivercane school group sorting pottery at lab Goode and Carole photos follow me Linda Dick and me shots in museum building tombs in sandstone quarry

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