Echoes 2017

my camp my kitchen Goode camp Goode camp main maple grove removing widow makers cutting dead limbs dropping limbs instructors in grove composting toilets toilet road into grove instructor camp tooting away different wooden ones another one camp name journal writing main area beginning to fill up Margaret stuff piles of things Nicole camp bottles of herbs more fun things in jars Nicole camp Farnaman camp camps along road more camps Farnaman items for sale main area for announcements morning class lists Nicole morning anouncements gathering gathering soapstone carving class my class use screwdrivers as chisels starting bowl setting lines starting cutting wooden spoon class non-wooden instructor herbal class basketry class fiber class bow making braintan class Antler Mike satisfied cut-up braintan class Missy working a hide scraping Patrick and Tom Prang bow making felting class silk dying class placing flora on silk examples of start of silks kids atlatl and dart class emerging spoon checking progress soapstone progress screwdriver chisel method river below my camp trying local clay to make spindles Goode in knapping area knapping knapping silk boil my log drum at fire items I had for sale reducing my clutter sold a lot of awls traded with margaret for a hide sopastone nearing completion of carving cutting corners sanding sharpening crooked knife trap class Jim and Patrick and Nicole setting a trap another trap being set set trap set crooked knife box interior of box silks out of the pot showing off silks nice work knapping pit nw coast halibut hook class initial carving thinning center line for thinning rabbitstick class Jim carving tarp tent class tarp tent woll boot class basketry mat belt loom bow bow leather class Kirby leather class knapping Goode fishing gig upgrading hook class carving upper part of hook hook class Goode in river cooling off looking for mud pigments view of river checking out the mud mud man spoons for sale my flags flying items out for sale or trade blacksmithed items hooks again halibut hooks samples and tools how hook works my models Goode day ready to put together finished hook cose up Missy and basket cedar work Julia and cedar hat cedar hat useful items hat Peter working on a drum drums cutting rawhide sewing rawhide Tom and Julia items road into maple grove Goode an mul about 45 minutes Ron Macy and bark using my drill on bark container drilling holes going somewhere fast Jim netting wrong tool evening cluster photo-op drive by service me at hook class

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