Echoes 2014

Drone view of event Class cards indicating the number of classes Class cards in rows by day of the week Wind storm damage near central fire Basketry class Basketry class Allen's Beading class Beading Allen's net class Netting Big bow drill Dale Coleman doing down pressure drill Hearth board drill smoke ember Dennis Torresdale's blacksmith shop working in the rain keeping warm same more smoke than fire hi the smell was intense the smoke was intense Torresdale's pressure flaking analysis sample work examples of his skill also for sale arrival of darts and arrows array of bows bow class in background Carson Brown's bow class examples of work Carson Brown and bow stringing this bow featured on a magazine cover Nicole's burned bowl class burning bowls around the fire blowing a coal in a bowl Nicole Apelian's Bushman style beading class ostrich eggshell beads sample beadwork and traditional tools raw dart materials dart class playing fetch with a log mouthful of heavy log size of that log playing toss game Goode's place Goode selling his bifaces gopher gopher gopher knapping area me selling paint and other items druming drum line relaxing around the fire wish it was my dinner using the park stoves to cook Jim's dinner plate my trailer and exhibits unwrapping dye package leaves rolled up inside silk unrolling the silk revealing the patterns subtle patterns in the silk soapstone class with hand grinder roughing out a 5 by 5 slab soapstone from Grants Pass Oregon starting to gouge out cheap screwdrivers sharpened into chisels files, sandpaper, chisels, scrapers used color of the soapstone nice browns water sanding 400 to 1200 grit every design unique changes in lighting using carnuba wax color coming out wax showing nice veining waxing colors deepening with some polishing final product samples of work waiting for music to start Trueman and his fiddle He was great talking about the history of his music playing up a storm He asked me to drum with him his fingers his violin wanted some closeups was fun drumming to fiddle music tried to get the motto on the back Woniya, Amy and Nicole Trueman by firelight Trueman has a web page central fire evening firelight nice photo of Trueman enchanted child heating a stave a future star loom class

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