Echoes 2011

Echoes shirt Registration Dale and Taylor Announcements Same Gathering to hear classes Margaret basket class Basketry Baskets Base start Hot beads dipped in water Beads Beads Bead kiln Beads Feather beading Beading Beading Beading Taylor paracord belt class Dennis blacksmith class Same Flames of mini-hell Hot iron Boot class Same Bow class Bowyers Tillering Hard at work Bow string class Braiding class Rawhide braids Same Same Same Dale camp Basket area View of area Amy and Stacy Cordage Darts Darts Drum class Cooking dyes Dyes Firewood in rain Picture says it all Jeff Damm friction fire class Arrow fletching Same Same Goode on guitar Kayak Prow fishing pole rest Paddle holders Carving Paddles Kayak Close-up Kids program Same Same Bubble time Knapping Knapping pit Kit class Richy Bello Tools Knife work Knife work Tired Ron Macy new pants Music Evening band Dancing Joe Start California Jim Heating things up Around the fire Kit relaxing Joe Start Relaxing Evening Paul Pottery class Coil method Adding a coil Potter Ceramic class Warming Heating Firing the pots Same Same Interesting outcome? same same Firing Range Atlatl throws Dart and arrow in flight Another in flight Kids archery Same Richard Trade blanket Same same Soapstone class Same same Finished project Oiled Back side Start Mid-point Ready for sanding Beginning same Same Ready for sanding Water sanding Bowl made in 2 hours Polishing His bowl Another project Splitting willow Brain tanning Hard work same Same Raccoon The eyes have it Tanning class Double your pleasure Neck whistle class Toe bone whistle class

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