map of Country Fair entrance line Terry Kramer and DJ Dale's spot about Echoes Terry showing basics basketry area info boards about arc park Kramer doing demos archaeology park visitors kids interest in knapping Terry Kramer entrance to arc park other event shacks busy making flakes reducing medium copper bopper entry area to arc park sign neary entry shoppers typical slow morning Dale making rock dust view of the knapping pit Richy learning to read booths along the dirt paths parade comes through several times a day music for the masses interesting costumes always different always stimulating another parade this couple spent a lot of time learning about knapping morning before opening visiting and breakfast opening parade Terry at it early what he is working on Richy about to open this obsidian big bopper splits off flake looking at the flake nice one she was really interested nice costume from the rear vine dragon people climb inside walking around before fair opens place to sit Terry and Goode fair has opened the dirt trails through miles of booths the basketry booth made by the users another parade main sale booth for archaeology roof construction details of workmanship Myron doing friction fires not napping raw material behind the pit passing parade mat lodge on left mat lodge items on the central table Richy's light-up knife Kramer knives for sale on bench Jose relaxing in the lodge Carol talking about events Jeff Damm fire demos one of the visitors insense he lit basketry classes Goode and I on one of the trails the vine dragon head general view of the knapping area Jeff Damm items spread out for sale Myron smokes while Dale pecks away learning friction fire another costume Myron making a sale towards the end of the day

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