Alaska 2001

Norwegian Sky from Space Needle Space needle Norwegian Sky Boarding cruise ship Boarding ramp Hallway so long it dips in middle Our three room suite entrance Boat drill before leaving Leaving Seattle Goodbye Seattle From our private rear deck Red sky and red sea Elevator on main deck Our private deck Each day we received a food plate Main room Our private bar and gift of wine Our dining area with food gift on the table Our bedroom Pat in main room The bathroom with tub and shower Other side of our deck Cruising from our private deck Ship wake Typical first day scene More Inside Passage The first sunset of the cruise Juneau arrival Mountains back of Juneau Ship from Juneau Juneau full of cruise guests Juneau street scene More goodies delivered to our 3 room suite Juneau mountains Juneau backdrop Skagway arrival Ships in Skagway fog More Skagway fog More fog Another ship arrival Same ship Skagway harbor Skagway train Ship tour bus Skagway street scene Red Bus Nice bus Railroad snow plow Red Onion saloon Camp Skagway building Horse drawn carriage Horse versus camper Skagway cruise ship traffic Railroad Station Union Pacific building White Pass Yukon Route building Departing cruise ship with tugs Ship lights in the evening Leaving Skagway First ice we saw waterfall under ice bridge Typical light on mountains Glacial ice on peak Glacial ice in second view On to Sawyer Glacier Sawyer glacial ice Floating ice on green glacial water Small ice Sawyer Glacier Another shot of the glacier Nobody swimming now Empty deck chairs with glacier behind People looking at the glacier Sawyer's blue color Sawyer again Me Pat my wife Ship boat taking pictures of our ship Closer view of blue ice waterfall on cliffs Glacial till water green from light Small iceberg Same floating ice Cliff scene Cliff walls Floating ice Arrival at Ketchican Ketchican view Could this be Ketchikan? Dock at Ketchikan Heading into town Saxman Village, Tlingit Saxman dancers inside longhouse Dancers, some wearing masks A dancer Saxman totem poles Saxman Village totem poles A Tlingit pole carver at work A water taxi Our pilot boat The pilot boat Victoria BC Helipad Flag storage in control room Ship plans Controls Main control Captain's chair The helm Other control panels The ship screens lit up Screen showing our general location Detail screen showing the ship at the dock Me in captain's chair Tug boat with mooring line

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